Thistle & Bee offers women hope and healing through a holistic residential and therapeutic clinical program and employment in their social enterprise. Today the women served by Thistle and Bee are helping care for 53 bee hives. They are baking granola, harvesting and bottling honey, and making other products to supply over a dozen retail outlets, farmers markets, and other venues. They are earning an income as they acquire a host of skills—from process mapping and inventory control to stress management and customer service.Before joining Thistle & Bee, Eli co-founded Sister Supply, an organization that provides menstrual products in an effort to eradicate period poverty in the Mid-South. A lifelong Memphian, Eli is dedicated to the pursuit of social justice and equality in her community.  She is passionate about empowering women and removing barriers to achievement.


“Thistle & Bee gift sets make the perfect care package to send to a friend to let them know you’re thinking of them. Especially comforting during these days when we can’t visit like we want to.”
– Carrie Lawson


Memphis, TN