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Stop watching entrepreneurs sit on the sidelines.

  • Your goal: get early-stage entrepreneurs off the bench and moving forward in their business.

This free Wayfinding Guide walks you through everything you need. Set up a support system that gets entrepreneurs in the game.

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Save time and grow your organization’s reach.

Avoid Churn

Stop wasting time in meetings that never move ideas forward.

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Be the go-to place for entrepreneurship support.

Grow Your Reach

Build a pipeline of entrepreneurs for your programs and your community partners.

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We are for entrepreneurs that thrive.

We are for communities that thrive.

  • Step by step process.

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Make your organization the starting point for an entrepreneurial community.

CO.STARTERS equips individuals and communities to thrive through entrepreneurship.

When you become a CO.STARTERS member, you join a worldwide network of people who are changing their communities by helping local entrepreneurs succeed. Organizations across the globe use CO.STARTERS programs as the cornerstone of their community building efforts.

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“CO.STARTERS has been extremely valuable to our community economic development efforts. It’s helped shape the philosophy behind how we deliver many of our programs.”

Aaron Londre, La Crosse WI, Couleecap