The success of our programs in supporting entrepreneurs is directly correlated to facilitator skills. Our programs have great design and content that is exact and on point. However, they rely on the facilitator’s skills to add more depth and direction. When a facilitator asks good questions, the entrepreneurs ideate on their ideas, find their next steps, and begin to get traction. By engaging the cohort well, facilitators help their entrepreneurs discover a knowledge base among themselves and create a new community of support that continues beyond the program. 

This is why we invest so much time and energy into our facilitators. We want you to be adept and confident. 

Our ongoing certification program is designed to do just that. Designed to be an easy lift and enjoyable, these certification activities provide opportunities to increase knowledge around entrepreneurship and facilitation, to connect with the CO.STARTERS community, and to strengthen one’s understanding of the CO.STARTERS brand and beliefs.

Once you are certified upon the completion of a CO.STARTERS Community Training, you will need to maintain your status beginning the following calendar year (e.g. If you attend a November Community Training in 2022, your recertification period begins January 2023). To maintain certification, a CO.STARTERS facilitator is required to complete three or more Continuing Education Units (CEU) within a calendar year. CEU options are:

  • Facilitate a cohort
  • Attend & participate in a Facilitator Roundtable
  • Attend a CO.STARTERS webinar 
  • Complete a CO.STARTERS Crossover training 
  • Attend a Quarterly Continuing Education webinar 
  • Write and submit a Blog article for the Facilitator Resource Center
  • Help host a Facilitator Roundtable

Each option is equal to one CEU.