Will Joseph, one of the founders of CO.STARTERS, is transitioning out of a leadership role in the company to pursue new projects related to our collective mission of supporting entrepreneurs and community builders.

“I am sad to step away from CO.STARTERS, but am excited about these next projects and how they might continue to support the vision of CO.STARTERS and the CO.STARTERS community that I love and want to continue to be a part of,” said Will. “I can’t talk specifics at this point, as details are still being confirmed, but I plan to help local entrepreneurs and community builders live more whole and healthy lives. Specifically, I want to see resources around mental health and well-being, spirituality, and emotional intelligence in the hands of all community leaders and entrepreneurs in the future.”

Watch a personal message from Will to the CO.STARTERS community.

This is a significant transition for CO.STARTERS, as Will is not just a founding partner in the company—he has been highly active in training our growing network of community leaders.

“Will’s leadership has been incredibly valuable to CO.STARTERS and to the community leaders and starters we serve,” said Enoch Elwell, CO.STARTERS CEO. “Our work is about supporting people and empowering them to follow their passion, and that’s what Will is doing now—letting his passion to help company founders take him in a new direction. We are cheering Will on as he moves from a team member to a collaborator and we are really excited to announce more in upcoming months about how we will be working with him in what he does next.”

Growing Leadership Team

When CO.STARTERS transitioned to an independent company in 2013, the leadership consisted of three founding partners: Enoch Elwell serving as CEO, Rebekah Marr as Program Director, and Will as Chief Operating Officer and Director of Trainings.

In January 2019, Will transitioned out of his Chief Operating Officer role to devote more time to exploring possible new ventures within CO.STARTERS, and Jose Alfaro took over the COO role. Jose joined CO.STARTERS in 2017, and is an experienced operations director who has successfully scaled organizations in the community development and hospitality industries.

As CO.STARTERS has matured in its mission and operations, the company has grown to 11 full-time team members. The leadership team now includes:

Enoch Elwell, Director of Vision (CEO), who frames and focuses the vision of CO.STARTERS, helping the team align on doing the most strategic and effective work to transform communities through entrepreneurship.

Jose Alfaro, Director of Growth (COO), who builds strong and sustainable business models to support CO.STARTERS work at scale and across our growing network.

Rebekah Marr, Director of Program Development, who develops ecosystem building programs and supports and helps CO.STARTERS collaborators find the best way forward.

Tianna Weaver, Director of Creative Experience, who guides everything that can be seen or read that relates to the CO.STARTERS brand.

Jonathan Bragdon, Growth and Operations Strategist, who develops and nurtures new relationships with organizations and individuals that can help CO.STARTERS implement its mission.