To maintain Certified Facilitator status, CO.STARTERS facilitators must participate in ongoing certification activities.  

Designed to be an easy lift and enjoyable, these certification activities provide opportunities to increase your knowledge around entrepreneurship and facilitation, to connect with the CO.STARTERS community, and to strengthen your understanding of the CO.STARTERS brand and beliefs.

To maintain certification, a CO.STARTERS facilitator is required to complete three or more Continuing Education Units (CEU) within a calendar year. CEU options are:

  • Facilitate a cohort
  • Attend & participate in a Facilitator Roundtable
  • Attend a CO.STARTERS webinar 
  • Complete a CO.STARTERS Crossover training 
  • Attend a Quarterly Continuing Education webinar 
  • Write and submit a blog article for the Facilitator Resource Center
  • Help host a Facilitator Roundtable

Each option is equal to one CEU. This model begins January 2022.