CO.STARTERS and Startup Space are joining forces to provide a best-in-class integrated solution for startup communities and entrepreneurs that leverages Startup Space technology and CO.STARTERS tools.

“Our goal with this partnership is to accelerate connections between existing networks, platforms, and databases to increase shared value across the emerging field of Ecosystem Building,” said Enoch Elwell, founder and CEO of CO.STARTERS. “There are so many proven resources, networks, and platforms that have individually built up significant value over the years. By providing a connecting infrastructure for these organizations there is a significant opportunity to better align activities, aggregate data, and improve effective entrepreneurial support everywhere.”

“I have seen first-hand the strength of the community being built from the CO.STARTERS network,” said Tamara Prato, Executive Director of the James J. Hill Center, a nonprofit business center supporting entrepreneurship in St. Paul, Minnesota. “The partnership between CO.STARTERS and Startup Space combines the power of connectivity in an easy-to-use platform, leading to stronger relationships allowing the CO.STARTERS participants to grow and thrive. Startup Space provides an interface for communicating, researching and networking—a one-stop-shop to support startups and the small business ecosystem.”

CO.STARTERS began as a program for aspiring entrepreneurs and has grown to be both a provider of resources and tools for entrepreneur communities and an international network of ecosystem building partners.

Startup Space offers a multi-faceted app-based platform that connects startups with resources, provides localized networking for communities of startups, facilitates collaboration within ecosystems, and provides metrics for ecosystem builders.

“CO.STARTERS and Startup Space saw that our collaboration could expand and grow the ecosystem,” added Jose Alfaro, Chief Operating Officer for CO.STARTERS. “Not only does this partnership allow our two companies to advance the ecosystem, it also allows for communities to have easier access to the best tools and resources.”

“Startup Space is excited to partner with CO.STARTERS to build a world-class experience for CO.STARTERS clients and end users as they navigate the entrepreneurship ecosystems in their local communities,” said David Ponraj, founder and CEO of Startup Space. “This will enable entrepreneurs to build faster, connect better, and ultimately have a better probability of success in their ventures.”  

As a result of this joint offering, community partners will be able to use the Startup Space platform combined with CO.STARTERS resources and tools to better serve entrepreneurs and small businesses in their communities. The combined offering from CO.STARTERS and Startup Space will help community organizers, ecosystem builders, nonprofits, and government agencies accelerate the growth of their ecosystems by making data-driven decisions about programming, resource allocation, and funding requests to drive intentional inclusivity. 

Starting in mid-September, CO.STARTERS and Startup Space will implement a pilot project for a small number of CO.STARTERS members, testing integration of the Startup Space platform for onboarding and administration of CO.STARTERS programs, which will address one of the most frequent requests from CO.STARTERS member communities.

After the pilot, when the partnership is fully implemented, CO.STARTERS program administration features will be integrated into the Startup Space platform across the entire CO.STARTERS membership network, providing seamless application delivery, payment functions, and data management for CO.STARTERS program providers in locations around the country and overseas. CO.STARTERS members and Startup Space clients will have enhanced access to a combined product offering that includes the foundational CO.STARTERS curriculum and other content, as well as Startup Space platform features, including a shared events calendar, a resource map, localized community support, a mentorship portal and other tools that can help underserved communities around the U.S. 


CO.STARTERS helps communities build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems by equipping them with the best tools and resources needed to support starters of all kinds. Building on initial grassroots efforts with starters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, CO.STARTERS now has a global reach with thousands participating in its programs annually. Learn more about CO.STARTERS network and offerings at

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