Help your business recover.

Learn how to adapt your business to the future so that it meets your customers’ needs and remains financially viable.

Online Cohort Course

$330was $550
  • 10 weeks
  • September 28, 2:00 p.m. EST

During Rebuild, a certified CO.STARTERS facilitator will work with you and a group of fellow small business owners to refine your business model so your business can weather the pandemic and beyond.

More than 80% of business owners who lost employees or revenue as a result of the pandemic made changes that helped them maintain or grow their employees and their revenue during the program.

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If you are…

  • Losing business and customers due to COVID-19
  • Overwhelmed about what you need to do to adapt your business to the pandemic
  • Feeling isolated and needing support
  • Looking for ways to keep your business going for the long haul
  • Serious about doing what it takes to save your business

…you are ready for Rebuild.


Real results for small businesses.

*Results from after the first Rebuild cohort: June through August 2020


have the skills they need to steer their business through a crisis.


have the connections they need to move their business forward.


are confident their business will survive


know how to adapt their business to a challenge.

“Rebuild gave me something tangible to work on. I’ve had ideas and half-executed a handful of them. The Rebuild Program was helpful and forced my motivation to complete projects and really look at my business.”

J., Colorado

“I cannot wait to apply these business principles to my business model. I am getting to know my business better than before this program. Furthermore, I am learning that I have more control over my business than I realized.”

S., Colorado

“I have addressed my fail zone and am taking steps moving forward. I believe this is an opportunity for me to grow my business, even in these times.”

L., Colorado
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Working with a dedicated group of like minded peers in a virtual setting, you’ll cover the following topics in a series of ten 2.5–hour sessions:


Refocus and stabilize your business.

SESSION 1: Assessing Your Situation

SESSION 2: Understanding Your Customer

SESSION 3: Finding a New Solution

SESSION 4: Refocusing Your Marketing

SESSION 5: Exploring Quick to Market Approaches


Move your business forward for the long term.

SESSION 6: Learning About COVID-19 Laws

SESSION 7: Streamlining Costs

SESSION 8: Setting Recovery Sales Goals

SESSION 9: Planning for Recovery

SESSION 10: Celebration!


You’re a solopreneur or an owner/operator with a small team and you have zero time for anything else between keeping your business afloat, taking care of your family, and hopefully sleeping occasionally. Ten 2.5 hour sessions is a big ask. Rebuild is designed to save you time in the long run. How? Because you will walk through, step by step, what to focus on in what order to keep your business going. No more spinning your wheels or getting so overwhelmed doing everything at once that you feel like nothing moves forward.

We get it. Right now you have to be extra careful with every penny you spend. That’s why we’ve discounted our course as much as we possibly can. We’re banking on this being an investment in a stronger, focused business that will not only help you survive the downturn, but help you come out even better in the long run. What if just $30 a week could save your business?

Still, we recognize times are especially tough. We’ve made hard choices recently, too, and we totally understand. That’s why we’re also offering flexible payment options, plus working to provide full and partial scholarships for business owners who qualify. 

As a small business owner you wear every hat from CEO to intern. And you’re doing a great job. This isn’t just a how-to program, this is a program for how to do an uncertain future. Back to business won’t mean business as usual for a long time. Rebuild can help you navigate and prepare for whatever comes next.

Entrepreneurship from the outside seems glamorous and fun, but the truth is it’s hard. It’s especially hard right now. Every other person in the program with you will be going through similar challenges. It’s not a failure to admit things are tough. The amazing thing is, when you share your struggles with each other, you all find the support and motivation you need to keep going. We firmly believe the community you form with other entrepreneurs is the most valuable part of the program.

Our programs are a safe place to be real. You can set group ground rules, like anything you say in the program stays in the program. So you can feel comfortable opening up a little bit.


Work with Expert Facilitators

CO.STARTERS Facilitators are business owners just like you. They’ve been there. They’ll help you take real steps forward through live video interactions and accountability. Ask questions and get one-on-one support and feedback.

Expand Your Network

This isn’t a self-paced course with an accountability group. You meet at the same time every week and grow together with other business owners just like you. The connections you will make in this program last long beyond the 10 weeks.

Receive Feedback

Talk about your ideas in real time, get support and encouragement, and enjoy outside perspectives. Sometimes, you need someone who isn’t as in the weeds as you are to help you see what comes next.

Times are tough, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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In addition to our nationwide cohort, Rebuild is offered in specific communities through our network of regional and local partners. Please check their listings as schedules and requirements may vary.

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