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Tech Inclusion was founded in direct response to the tech industry’s shocking lack of diversity and its complicity in perpetuating inequity across products and processes. We’ve gathered leaders and influencers from all over the world and connected thousands of underrepresented candidates with opportunities, in a collective effort to disrupt this biased status quo and make tech a force for good.

The industry has come a long way since that first conference in 2015, but not far enough. That’s why it’s important for Tech Inclusion to once again be the place where leaders convene to focus on solutions to diversity and inclusion in tech, and also address the systemic problems that pervade the industry. This year we’ll be talking about how we can hold companies accountable, the impact that the products we build have on local and global communities, and how to ensure the message that Black lives matter rings loud and clear through hiring, retaining, promoting, and funding.

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