In a country where more than 90% of companies are small businesses, Aspin Group focuses on providing useful services and tools to those interested in entrepreneurship and small business in Australia. Specifically, they offer eLearning, consulting, training, and mentoring.

Margaret Aspin

Working across a large range of professional entities, Aspin Group has become a network for entrepreneurs in the greater small business community. Much of their attention is focused on supporting those in the remote areas of the Australian outback in order to bring development to local economies where revenue is affected by unstable weather conditions.

Aspin Group joined CO.STARTERS in 2017. Inspired by the Chattanooga story, they quickly became interested in the broad range of programs that CO.STARTERS offers. In the words of founder Margaret Aspin, “to date we have run the core program for adults and seen both businesses and social enterprises conceptualized and feasibility tested.” They have also run the Generator program with a group of homeschoolers and are now in the process of implementing it as curriculum in some Australian public and private schools for credit.

Aspin Group has also partnered with Alphacrucis College, which uses the Core program in its undergraduate business school. When asked why CO.STARTERS, Aspin said, “…it is the power of this growing global community that is a wonderful strength and we want to be part of that!”