Last month Enoch Elwell, CO.STARTERS Visionary and CEO, shared with the Proximity Space community about ecosystem building, the Chattanooga story, and the unique niche that CO.STARTERS has found to help and support communities to be their best.

Enoch explained how amid the cultural shift we are currently experiencing—moving from the industrial age to the age of connectivity—we are offered an abundance of opportunity, yet many people are left searching for their place. Within this tension and shift people are feeling, there comes a need for new models of leadership. However, the old models are well funded and widely accepted. He shared that while context is extremely important and CO.STARTERS is here to support the leaders who know their own communities best, “behind the specific symptoms is the same type of problem.” People want to feel a sense of purpose, and the more suppressed a community is, the more enthusiasm there is to make a difference.

To hear more of Enoch’s thoughts, view the call here.