New Zealand Resources

Since some resources are different in New Zealand than in the United States, here is a supplemental list. You’ll still want to check out the 9-Week Program Resources by Week section for a full list of resources in addition to these New Zealand specific ones.

WEEK 1: Knowing Yourself

Budgeting Tools

Buxfer helps you see all your accounts at one place, understand where your money goes, reduce unwanted spending, and save for future goals.

This tool is a simple online budget that will help you find out where your money is going, and the best way to cut unnecessary expenses.

This site provides tools and tips that cover a range of money topics from setting goals and budgeting to investing and retirement planning.

WEEK 5: Legal Considerations

A Guide to Starting Businesses in New Zealand
It can be hard to know where to begin when starting your own business, but meeting your tax and legal obligations should be a priority. This site outlines everything you need to know, along with helpful links to other resources.

Intellectual Property Protections
Find out here how to protect your idea.

How to Hire Guide for Employers
In this guide provides employers with information about good practice when recruiting and hiring employees.

GST Guide
This guide is for all businesses and organisations that are required to charge GST and need information about how to do this. It tells you how to fill in your GST forms, avoid incurring penalties, and how and when GST is refunded to you.

WEEK 8: Business Plans

Business Plan Template Tool
This Quick start business plan aims to give you the tools, direction and ideas you need to build your own business plan. As you navigate your way through the pages, you will be prompted to answer key questions and select items. Simply fill in each box and download your plan when you get to the end.

Download Business Plan Template (.doc)